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If you play bingo, and get familiar with the technology and this bingo glossaries going to help you out in thebingo early stages of your gaming career.

There are different types of bingo and all of them can be played over the Internet for real currency or players can wager play money.

The game itself is requiring players to fill their card correctly and whenever they hit the winning combination, they shout bingo and collect the corresponding paycheck.

A bingo board is the place where the numbers are displayed, while the card or grid is used by the players in the process of filling out the winning numbers. A coverall or blackout is a much desired side, because it marks the moment when players make bingo, therefore win the game.


The person who announces the numbers that are being drawn goes by the name of caller, while the place where the game is played is obviously the bingo hall. This can be virtual or a brick-and-mortar bingo parlor.
A chat room is a virtual place where bingo players can interact with each other on multiple levels, hence recreating the social nature of the game.

A hot Ball is actually the first number that is drawn in the game of bingo and a jackpot is won by players who hit a winning combination and unlock a pooled prize. This can be a life-changing amount or simply a bonus that will keep you going and boost your confidence when going through downswings.

On a bingo card, there are horizontal and vertical lines and once players feel out all the numbers, they win lower paychecks en route to making bingo. A money ball is the number drawn before the game begins and it usually results in an additional payouts being awarded.

There are different ways to win in bingo and one of them goes by the name of pattern bingo, highlighting the fact that players can win prizes by completing a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.
The payout represents a percentage of the money pooled as a result of players purchasing bingo tickets and it usually revolves around 75%.

If you’re lucky enough as to win the super jackpot, then you will have your bankroll boosted significantly and all you need to do is to complete the game using less than 48 numbers. Sometimes players don’t win the entire prize pool and a split pot is a shining example, occurring when two or more players make bingo at the same time.

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